Experience the Magic of Christmas at Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos! 🌟

Unwrap the joy of the season with our exclusive “Holiday Special Season” packages! 🎁 Immerse yourself in the festive spirit at Lagos’ premier destination for luxury and celebration.

🍹 Arrival Elixir:
Begin your stay with a delightful welcome drink, setting the tone for a magical holiday retreat.

🍔 Poolside BBQ Bliss:
Savor the season with a Poolside BBQ, where flavors mingle with the festive ambiance by the shimmering waters.

🍽️ Christmas Feasts:
Indulge in sumptuous Christmas lunch and dinner, crafted to perfection for an exquisite dining experience.

🏨 King Room or Suite Splendor:
Choose your sanctuary – the refined King Room or the spacious Suite, each adorned with luxury and charm.

🌟 Three Nights in Elegance:
Relish three nights of comfort and opulence at Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, creating memories to last a lifetime